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Review of G Fuel

I didn't used to be sensitive to caffeine but I've recently given it up, for the most part. My only encounter with it is the cup of coffee I have in the morning, before my workout but, I am left feeling jittery and in a haze until It wears off but the haze is replaced with a groggy feeling.

I tried G Fuel based on recommendations and I am so glad I did. The energy level is on par with with what I've experienced with coffee, energy drinks, and workout supplements (I used hydroxycut religiously when it first came out) but I have no noticeable jitters and the haze I normally experience has been replaced with the ability to focus on the task at hand but I am able to multi task much better.

The taste is great, Blood Orange is reminiscent of Tang but a bit bolder.

For me it kicks in after about 30 minutes and seems to last a couple hours. I took some at 1:30pm today to get over the post lunch slump and writing this at 5:12pm, still energized but I can tell its not as strong as it was....this is great, I haven't felt like there's been any sort of crash, just a gradual decrease.